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We offer a full range of blends and single-origin coffees that satisfy preferences across the roasting spectrum. If you see a coffee you like, go ahead and ask us to roast it the way you want.


Brazil Santos - Smooth flavour with mild to medium body and very pleasant aroma
Colombian Excelso EP- Full bodied. naturally sweet and smooth
Colombian Excelso EP 452-A French roast that is dark and seductive
Colombian Supremo-A mellow cup with complex aromas and rich flavour
Colombian Supremo 440- Roasted slightly darker, suitable as drip coffee or excellent in a french press
Costa Rica Fancy Tarrazu-This coffee delivers a sweet, fragrant aroma and rich flavour
Guatemalan Antigua-Smooth and mellow
Ethiopian Limu-Medium body with a smooth and slightly earthy taste
Mexican SHG Monte Azul-Full bodied and well-balanced
Peru Washed Supremo-Rich and toasty
Kenya AA -Uniquely sweet, syrupy and full-bodied
Hawaiian Kona Extra Fancy- 100% real Kona from the farms in Hawaii *****
Jamaican Blue Mountain-Very special from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica *****
Saint Helenas-Exotic tasting from the Saint Helenas Islands off the coast of Africa *****
Sumatra Mandeling-Exotic, bright, with clean acidity
Cuba Turquino Lavada- A rich complex coffee with a medium-to-full body and a clean winey flavour
Tanzania Peaberry-Full body with a wine-like finish
Costa Rican Tarrazu Rainforest Alliance- High grown Arabica that is lively and elegant


Colonial House Blend- A perfect balance of body and flavour
Mocha Java Style- A versatile universal favourite that goes with everything
Kona Blend- 100% Hawaiian Kona blended with South Americans to achieve a flavourful, rich brew
Point Pelee Blend- A blend of South Americans, mild yet satisfying
Vienna Blend- Tangy, smooth and balanced
Café de la Reine- Created by Jack to serve to the Queen of England-she had two cups!
Jamaican Blend- A blend of South Americans and Africans-created to mimic the taste of Blue Mountain
Starburst Blend- A tasty after dinner cup-rich and palate cleansing
Windsor Blend- Well-balanced with a rich aroma
Breakfast Blend- A wonderful wake-me-up-hearty and full-bodied
Café Orleans- A sharp, yet delicate, full roasted cup-perfect with dessert
Continental Blend- Dark and light roasts blended together-very rich cup
Blend 40- Another dark and light blended coffee-wonderful with a nice aroma
Blend 300- Smooth and satisfying
Blend 400- A well-balanced and intense roast
Blend 600- Flavourful and light-good all around brew
Blend 700- Blend of mild Central Americans and hearty Africans
Blend 800- Full flavoured and clean tasting
We offer coffees decaffeinated using the European process. This method removes 96-98% of the caffeine while maintaining the flavour profiles of their caffeinated cousins. The Swiss Water Decaffeination Process uses only water to remove caffeine from the coffee-no chemical intervention. All coffees available in regular and espresso roasts
Colombian Decafe CO2-A no caffeine Colombian that retains all of its flavour-good for any time of the day
Colombian Swiss Water Process Decafe-Soft and sweet, medium body and acidity
Peru Swiss Water Process Fair Trade Organic-Bright and lively, medium body, good acidity
Mexican Swiss Water Process Fair Trade Organic-Full bodied with a well rounded aroma
Espresso Roasts
Mocha Java Style Espresso-An espresso roast that gives a beautiful crema
Gold Espresso- Rich and smoky but not bitter-a favourite espresso
Silver Espresso- Rich and bold with a smooth aftertaste
Colombian Excelso EP 455-A single-origin espresso roast that is lively, hearty and smooth
Colombian Supremo 455-Slow roasted to fully develop the oils in the beans
Fair Trade/Organics
Fair Trade is a system that enables farmers in developing countries to compete fairly in the global marketplace. Organic means natural and untouched by synthetic chemicals. All coffees available in regular and espresso roasts.
Colombian Fair Trade Organic-Medium body, fragrant aroma and mild acidity
Guatemalan Fair Trade Organic- Bright acidity with a smooth rich body
Peru Fair Trade Organic- Medium body with a smooth and slightly sweet taste
Ethiopian Yiragacheff Fair Trade Organic- Vibrant and intensely aromatic
Colombian Fair Trade Organic Swiss Water Process Decafe- Soft and sweet with a deep aroma
Mexican Fair Trade Organic-Medium acidity with a delicate aroma

***** - Roasted to Order-minimum of one pound please

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